What's happening with the Discovery Centre?

11 January 2021 | Posted in Project
What's happening with the Discovery Centre?
Discovery Centre interpretation  © Equal Studio Ltd


Update from Liz Grant, Discovery Centre Manager

The amazing interpretation we've all been working on is now being installed inside the Discovery Centre, explaining the mosaic of habitats, the history of the reserve - human, natural and military.

These are challenging times for everyone and everything - including planning the opening of a visitor centre, and the Discovery Centre is not expected to open until at least April 2021. When it does open, it will have a wonderful café, and this will be run by Leah Athol-Murray. We’ve been delighted to welcome her to the team. 

We spoke to Leah about the role food has played in her life.


  • Stuart Dove:

    11 Jan 2021 22:22:00

    Do you have any concerns about security from vandals and others? Have you taken precautions? I am not a member but have visited many times and gave some money since lockdown.

    Best wishes

    Hi Stuart. Thank you for your message, and we greatly appreciate your support. This is a concern for such a remote building, but security surveillance has been installed. Kind regards, Emma
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