What's happening with the Discovery Centre?

30 November 2020 | Posted in Project
What's happening with the Discovery Centre?
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Update from Centre Manager Liz Grant

A great deal of progress is being made in many different areas. We've been working very hard on interpretation - and, as you will see next year, there's a great deal of it, both inside the Discovery Centre and out! InWood Design completed the 'contemplation ledge' around the viewing windows, where you'll be able to sit and learn about what you can see in reserve - in terms of wildlife, landmarks and human history of the reserve.

Sussex Wildlife Trust anticipates that the Discovery Centre will be complete in the New Year, to enable opening in April 2021, but these timescales may be impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.

More information on access/service connection work


  • Kristina Edwards:

    01 Dec 2020 19:48:00

    It looks fantastic! The support T-shirt (save a plover) that my son Tom, 9yrs now, bought still just fits. He was then promised to get an invite to the opening day and hope we are still on the list. Best wishes for the final stages,

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