• David Phillips:

    24 Aug 2020 21:08:00

    Excellent progress and a stunning looking building.Can’t wait to see the opening of this great facility and visit.

    Thank you David! We look forward to seeing you here too, hopefully later in the year
  • Nicola Richards:

    01 Sep 2020 18:27:00

    Disappointing today that the “ limited access” past the new centre site was actually no access, we walked from Winchelsea and the only sign said “ road ahead closed “ which locals may have understood to mean“ no access at all, please turn left down the last pathway and follow the invisible diversion signs” , but everyone we saw was flummoxed at the absence of at least a path for pedestrians past the non-active site.
    I suggest you improve the information available for walkers and cyclists coming from Winchelsea.
    Lovely that the hides were all open, the light was magical today !

  • Emma Chaplin, Communications Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust:

    02 Sep 2020 13:03:00

    Hi Nicola
    Thank you for letting us know this. I’m so sorry the signage wasn’t clear and this made things difficult for your visit. I’ve passed your comments on about clearer information, particularly for walkers and cyclists coming from Winchelsea, and new signs have already gone up. I’ve also updated the information on the FAQs to make that clearer. And I’m so happy that at least you had magical light for you visit and could enjoy the hides. This is where we’re updating trench/access info, in case helpful
    Best wishes, Emma

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