Thursday Evening at Eight

28 April 2020 | Posted in Project
Thursday Evening at Eight
Ternery Pool at Dusk, January 2020 © Barry Yates

A poem by Alun Robert, a member of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Creative Writing Group

Thursday Evening at Eight

darkness pervades my mews
birds at roost
a distant dog barks
cats cower under cars

undriven for days
no jams on the roads
no screeching from motorways
hardly a plane overhead

where stars emerge
first shards from the moon
caressing my plants with
daffodils en wilt

as rose buds spring ready
camellias in the pot
at the point of opening
perhaps tomorrow they will

when silence screams, still
house light pervades my mews
when bells would have chimed
humanity applauds

Alun is a member of Jane Lovell's Creative Writing Group. It used to meet regularly before the Coronavirus lockdown, and will do so again in future we hope. Here's a bit more about them 

Do let us know if you've got poems about nature at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve you'd like to share, or if you'd like to join the group when it restarts.

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