Why I love a Plover by Dr Tony Whitbread

27 March 2020 | Posted in Appeal
Why I love a Plover by Dr Tony Whitbread
Dr Tony Whitbread © Miles Davies

Former Sussex Wildlife Trust CEO Dr Tony Whitbread, now Trust President, tells us why he's bought a 'Plover' to help the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre Appeal

One of the greatest crimes of humans against humanity is the severing of our links with nature. Only within the past few decades have we become mostly urban (rather longer here in the UK). Before that – for 99.99% of our evolutionary past – we were active, social and lived in communities that had close links to nature. Today, far too many of us are inactive, alone and locked indoors away from nature. It should be no surprise that this recent, drastic change is having negative effects on us both mentally and physically.

Finding our “wild life” is therefore a major priority for the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Ever since we were formed in 1961, we have endeavoured to generate contact with nature – through education, community projects, nature reserves, fun activities and so on. It is against this background that we decided to build a Discovery Centre at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. 

People at RHDC

Bigger by far than any project we have ever undertaken, this is a major commitment not just to nature (although it will improve our ability to look after wildlife) but also to discovering nature.Hundreds of thousands of people visit Rye Harbour Nature Reserve every year. Our Discovery Centre will be the key resource in the region interpreting wildlife, landscape, geology and history to visitors endeavouring to rebuild “meaning” out of what to some might appear to be just scenery.

Golden plover on new saltmarsh©Barry YatesSussex Wildlife Trust

This is why I am pleased to personally support the ‘Buy a Bird’ project. It’s just a small contribution, but I’m sure that all members of Sussex Wildlife Trust feel the same about rebuilding contacts with nature. It is the birth-right of future generations to experience the wonder of nature that we, and our forefathers, might have seen, and it is our duty to restore it. If all of us who can afford to contribute a little, then we are part of an inspirational new Discovery Centre and doing our bit to restore our “wild life”.

1/10/2020 We are hugely grateful to everyone who has taken part in the Buy a Bird campaign - we have now reached capacity so these are no longer available 

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