Hastings Rambling Club supports the Discovery Centre

04 November 2019 | Posted in Project
Hastings Rambling Club supports the Discovery Centre
Hastings Ramblers © Chris Simmons

Sussex Wildlife Trust is very grateful to the members of the Hastings Rambling Club for their recent kind donation to the Discovery Centre.

Hastings Ramblers has been in existence since 1954, and was started originally by three gentlemen, one of whom is still actively associated with the club. The group often visits Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. The photo is from a walk that started and finished at Rye Harbour, with Camber Castle in the background. 

Committee Member Ivor Blunt talks to Emma Chaplin.  

"I come from a farming family and lived in Winchelsea for many years. I worked as a tree surgeon before retiring 10 years ago. I've always loved the countryside and wildlife - birds especially. They bring me most joy. Raptors in particular. 

I come to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, every week, all year round. I remember when "Dr Barry" started work on the reserve 35 years ago. He has brought about so many marvellous improvements over the decades. I've been leading bird watching walks on the reserve for as long as I can remember. Butterflies, plants and flowers as well. 

Hastings Ramblers are really looking forward to the Discovery Centre opening. We have about 50 members now, but we used to have 130 and we'd like to see some new, younger members join. Younger people sometimes get a bad press, but many seem really interested in wildlife and the world around them. We think the Discovery Centre will help attract younger people and educate them about nature. 

Hastings Ramblers is very friendly. We have a weekly programme of Sunday walks, meeting at 10am at different places, with each walk about five miles long."

For more details about Hastings Rambling Club see https://www.escis.org.uk/leisure/leisure-sport-and-hobbies/sports-activities-and-clubs/hastings-rambling-club/

The Discovery Centre is a joint project between Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. If you would like to find out more about the Discovery Centre, and support the Appeal, see here 

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