Remembering Trevor Tupholme

23 August 2019 | Posted in Project
Remembering Trevor Tupholme
Boxing Day 2015 © Helena Tupholme

Helena Tupholme got in touch with us with a kind donation to the Discovery Centre project. It is in memory of her late father, Trevor, who loved Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. He was a regular visitor, well known and liked by staff and others.  

"Dad loved Rye and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve especially. We were frequent visitors to the reserve. He particularly enjoyed the birds, watching them through binoculars in all the hides. He loved the flowers and the wildlife, so much that my family have walked on Rye Harbour Nature Reserve every Boxing Day since 1982, before going for a Boxing Day lunch in Rye."

Trevor is pictured here on the reserve on Boxing Day 2015. He's the one in front, Helena tells us, "with binoculars and bird and wildlife books in the bag". Also pictured are her mother, brother and Trevor's beloved granddaughters.

Trevor died in June 2018 after a short, unexpected illness.

"Dad had bought a property in Tollgate Lock to be on the doorstep of the nature reserve. He told me about the Discovery Centre. So, when we were organising the sale of his house, we saw a letter and read about the plans with interest. It's funny how places and things can be full of the enthusiasm of someone no longer there. For that reason, I'm sending you a cheque from dad and the family for the Discovery Centre, particularly to fund school parties visiting Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Dad would do the same if he were here!"

Helena continues: "Though Boxing Day walks now seem a little empty without dad’s keen enjoyment of all things living, flying and growing - we will still be on our walk this December, and I know we will be visiting Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in the future, so we will watch the development of the Discovery Centre with interest."

If you'd like to talk to us about remembering a loved one with a donation to the Discovery Centre, see here for more information

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