Interview with Baxall Site Manager Matt Fothergill

29 July 2019 | Posted in Project
Interview with Baxall Site Manager Matt Fothergill
Matt Fothergill (c) Baxall

How are things progressing with the Discovery Centre?

Things are going well. The concrete slab has been poured. Inwood Design has been manufacturing the wooden frame and Sweet Chestnut cladding for the Discovery Centre off site, ready to install, with a crane, after we’ve completed the scaffolding and poured the concrete for the ramp.

How long have you been with Baxall?

Three years. I enjoy working for Baxall. Their core values align with my own.

How did you get into this line of work?

I started university studying Civil Engineering, then ended up doing Construction Management at Sheffield Hallam, supported by my previous employer, who I went on to work for. I’ve been doing it for fourteen years, working my way up from Site Engineer to my current role as Senior Site Manager.

Inwood on site (c) Matt Fothergill

What do you enjoy about your job?

Everything. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from my work. I enjoy problem solving. No two days are ever the same. You meet lots of different people.

Anything you’re less keen on?

Not really. Flying Ant Day wasn’t much fun.

What have been the greatest challenges so far?

The weather. Heat is an issue right at the moment, wind has been an ongoing challenge, and it will be more of an issue as the building starts to go up. Access to the site isn’t easy, having only one road in with the only way to turn round being to go down to the beach. It’s an SSSI site. There are a lot of stakeholders we need to be thoughtful about at all times - from the visiting public, our residential neighbours, Environment Agency, Natural England, as well as the local community of course.

When do Baxall hope the building will be finished?

All being well, the end of January 2020.

Any idea what comes next for you, workwise?

I’m involved with Finberry Primary School in Ashford.

Will you come back and visit the new centre with your family? (Matt has just become dad to his fourth child).

Absolutely. I live in Kent, and we’ll definitely come over.

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