'Buy-a-Bird' Campaign passes 50

20 February 2019 | Posted in Appeal
'Buy-a-Bird' Campaign passes 50
Golden plover at Rye Harbour (c) Barry Yates Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sussex Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce that the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre Appeal has raised over £25,000 from people who have pledged to our ‘Buy-a-Bird’ campaign.

Everybody who gives £500 or more to our Appeal can ‘Buy-a-Bird’. This means that, if they wish it, their name will be included in a frieze of a flock of golden plover at the Discovery Centre, designed by local artist Bob Greenhalf.

Dr Barry Yates, Reserve Manager, said:  “We chose the golden plover because Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is a stronghold for these beautiful wading birds. From September to March, they provide a fantastic spectacle for visitors, with daytime flocks of up to 3,000 birds roosting on the large, open, undisturbed areas the reserve offers.”

1/10/2020 Note: we have reached the maximum number of Buy a Bird pledges. Thanks to everyone for their amazing support

The Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, a joint project between Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, will transform people’s engagement in, and conservation of, the unique natural environment and wider heritage of the nature reserve.  

Anyone interested in learning more about the Discovery Centre can request a monthly newsletter to keep them posted about sightings of some of the outstanding wildlife at the reserve, news of upcoming events to support the Discovery Centre and ways to donate to the Appeal. ryeharbourdiscoverycentre.org.uk

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